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Problem: Volunteer-led Third Sector organisation needs to manage its branches and volunteers.

Solution: Bertie. A complete online branch management tool comprising rota, volunteer management, training management, communications and reporting. Very easy to use by all volunteers, even those unused to computers or with disabilities. Studies show that Bertie has increased volunteer retention by improving communication, fostering a sense of community, promoting fairness and freeing managers up from everyday admin tasks to actually manage.


Problem: Conservatoire students queue outside rehearsal rooms and waste time standing around waiting for rooms to become free.

Solution: Recital is an online room booking system. Students can book their rehearsal rooms from home or their smart phone and can choose which type of room they need to book. Everyone can clearly see where the free slots are. Accurate reporting means that organisers know who has booked what. Recital is rule-based, so additional rules can be added to make booking fairer or encourage more participation. Student satisfaction is greatly increased – no more time wasted queuing!

Sales Tornado

Idea: Expert system for sales.

Solution: Sales Tornado is a subscription service that guides the subscriber through the selling process providing hints and resources as well as estimating revenue earned in an easy to understand and graphical manner. The application incorporates many technical aspects, such as dynamic graphs, e-commerce and an expert system that learns as it goes.

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